New York International Auto Show - April 2015

Alfa Romeo Spyder
 My wife and I attended the New York International Auto show in April 2015 during our trip to New York City. It was indeed a thrill. It is the largest auto show I have ever attended and it did not disappoint. The Javits Centre, where it was held, is a huge complex allowing for many manufactures to displays their latest cars.

It was impossible to see all the cars that were there so we focused on just a few manufacturers, cars that particularly appealed to me. One minor disappointment. Where was Tesla?

The first photo is of an Alfa Romeo Spyder. I love the lines of that car. Simple, purposeful and obviously built for precise handling on a winding road. The photo only hints as it's true beauty.
Acura NSX
Here is the Acura NSX. The profile looks great but the front and rear of the car are just too busy almost as if the designers had a fight and couldn't agree. I'll bet it handles like a dream.
Acura NSX
 The NSX front is just too angular with confusing slices and cuts. Acura, do some more work on this car, please!
BMW i8

BMW i8
 Come on BMW. Have you lost your way? The rear is just too busy while the front is ho-hum kidney BMW with unnecessary cuts and creases. The Audi R8 is a better looking car.
Volvo XC90
 Here is something that looked good for a Volvo. Nice masculine lines, clean and purposeful. Attractive yet a muscular SUV. I would give it a second look.
Bugatti Veyron
 Everyone's favorite is the Bugatti Veyron. It is the first one I have ever seen in the flesh and it looks spectacular.
Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
 If you have the money why not a RR convertible? Oops, I don't think they would use the term convertible. Cabriolet perhaps?
McLaren 575LT
 This car is incredibly low but a real beauty and designed for one purpose....brute speed. Got about a million dollars in your pocket?
Aston Martin DB9
 In my view one of the best designed cars in the world and a true icon. It is bigger than I thought but long, sleek and awesome. the Aston Martin DB9 is a masterpiece.
Nissan Maxima
 Completely redesigned for 2016 the Nissan Maxima looks like no other Maxima you have ever seen. Longer, lower, a great side profile but the front is a tad too busy in my view.
Nissan Maxima
 Side view of the Maxima...I like it!
VW Golf Alltrack
 Is Volkswagen trying to compete with the Subaru Outback. Perhaps, but too little too late. Looks like an ordinary Golf (Jetta?) wagon jacked up a little. Sorry VW, you lose.
Subaru BRZ STI
 A real showstopper is the BRZ STI. Sadly you won't see one on the road. Just a mockup for show purpose but it looks stunning.
 Rearward view of the BRZ. We say Zed here in Canada, it just sounds better.
Subaru Legacy
 The lowly but capable AWD Subaru Legacy Limited. Strangely, folks were crowded around the Subaru offerings.
Subaru WRX rally car
 A rally version of the capable and blisteringly fast WRX.
ESPN photo of my wife and I
 Just to prove we were there, ESPN took our photo and published it on their site.

Mazda Miata Eurospec version
Finally the Miata. This is the Euro version with right hand drive but with the 1.5 liter engine. I am told that North America will get the two liter version once it hits the shores later this year. A very nice redesign and actually shorter than the original.

Anyway, that is my take on the New York International Auto show. Were there negatives? One, the crowds were huge and sometimes it made for difficult photography and two, it was hard to find anyone (reps) you could talk to about the cars.

All in all a great experience and I am glad I was there.

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