British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia

Triumph TR7
 On June 6th I had the opportunity to pay my annual visit to the Golden Age Auto Club show located in downtown Truro, Nova Scotia.

I expected the usual collection of American classic cars many of which I had seen through the years and even though I had seen them many times they always continue to impress.

Most cars would be displayed outside. However, Saturday was essentially a washout due to inclement weather so many of those old crocks were not to be found. I really don't blame the owners.

Jensen C-V8 rear
In any event my son and I decided to pay the nominal fee to see what there was to see in the arena. As I said most cars would be exhibited outside in the adjacent parking lot and we didn't expect to see any cars inside, just the usual vendors but we were pleasantly surprised to find the BATANS display.
Jensen C-V8 engine exposed

Jensen Leather interior
BATANS (British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia) is a non-profit Nova Scotia organization whose mandate is to promote the preservation and the enjoyment of classic British automobiles.

I wish I had taken more notes from the car owners I talked to because they were certainly proud of their cars.

I would like to talk about all of the cars because they were equally impressive but will profile two that stood out the most for me.

Jensen C-V8
While all the cars were in excellent display condition I was particularly struck with a blue Jensen C-V8 circa 1964, I would guess.

The C-V8 series had fiberglass bodywork (only the door skins were aluminum) and the engine was sourced from Chrysler. A truly stunning Car. The leather interior was equally impressive. As a young boy I had always pined for a Jensen Interceptor having seen "one in the flesh" in the early eighties in Ocotoks, Alberta at a car auction but this is a much more handsome car than the Interceptor.

Jaguar XK-120
Jaguar XK-120
Another car that impressed me was a brilliant red (shade unknown) Jaguar XK-120 Roadster, an early 50s model with alloy cylinder head, hemi-spherical combustion chambers, inclined valves, twin side-draft SU carburetors on a dual overhead cam 3.4 L straight six engine. A very stunning car. As I walked away I wondered if the owner ever had it up to it's advertised 120mph.
Jaguar Mk II 3.8

All in all the BATANS display was a  pleasant surprise on a rainy day in June.

Please enjoy my other photos and comment if you wish.
British Leyland Mini

Austin Healey

Sunbeam Tiger

XK-120 engine bay

Triumph TR-7

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