Update my Dynaco Part II

Dynaco SCA-80Q Integrated amplifier

Restoring my Dynaco SCA 80Q integrated amplifier to it's original state has been a interesting project though some would argue that the changes might even be beyond the original state and yes, it is a better integrated amp in every way.

Capacitors added
After replacing the C9 and C11 caps as well as the speaker caps I still experienced distortion in the left channel. What to do? The only boards I did not touch were the pre-amp and amp boards and it turns out that the problem was with the amp board, left channel. Since this was beyond my level of expertise I took it in to a professional shop. The shop found the problem almost immediately. The charge was $100 but worth it. The sound is wonderful.

So far I have put about $225 into this amp. Was it worth it? Unequivocally, yes. Why? It restores the amp to better than original condition and guarantees its life for an additional 10-20+ years. There are some other things I can do and that is to actually spend a little more money to update both the pre-amp and amp boards. I have had new experience wiring boards and I can also measure the voltage between two points to see if I have gotten things right.

At this point I am going to use this amp through the summer of 2016. If it gives me any trouble I will address the amp and pre-amp stages.

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