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No one told me about the last ten minutes

My office for many years No one told me about the last ten minutes It was my very last day as a faculty member. After 18 years with the organization it was time to say goodbye and begin the next chapter of my life. Yes, there were some tough years but by and large it was a very sweet gig and a tremendous period of growth and development for me personally. My wife was a great support all through this transition process. I could not have gone through all of this alone. A bulletin board once filled with cards and memos The last few months have been hectic beginning with my letter to formalize my retirement. It was a huge step because I finally realized that it was the right time to leave. I had been hemming and hawing for the past year and had yet to circle a date on the calendar but now the day had come. My boss knew the letter was coming but it took her almost two weeks to reply. Was the letter lost; was it even received; did I only imagine that I sent it? Finally, a n

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